PRGR Portable Launch Monitor (HS130A)

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The PRGR is the only launch monitor we recommend to track your speed gains while speed training with the Speed Toad. Known for its accuracy and reliability, it is an affordable option to track your speed and distance gains. For set up instructions, please see the video below.
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The PRGR measures Club Speed, Ball Speed, Smash Factor, Carry Distance, and Total Distance when you're hitting a golf ball. It will also measure Club Speed when you are not hitting a ball and training with the Speed Toad! The PRGR is the perfect tool for instant feedback during your Speed Toad training sessions and a great launch monitor for tracking your actual speed and distance gains when hitting golf balls on the range or on the course.

Powered by four AAA batteries, the battery life often lasts one year or longer! Through our testing, the PRGR reliably and accurately performs both indoors and outdoors.