Speed Toad

Speed Toad
INCREASE SPEED, GAIN DISTANCE, & SHOOT LOWER SCORES! Golf's most effective speed training tool, speed train the way you were meant to speed train... with your own driver shaft! The Speed Toad weighs 140 grams (~25% lighter than your driver head) which trains your swing and body to move faster and more efficiently. Every Speed Toad purchase includes access to our custom speed training program built by two of the fastest golfers in the world, tailored for all levels of golfers. (International orders see link below in detailed description)
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Speed Train the way you're meant to, with your own shaft!

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All Speed Toads include one screw of the brand designated during checkout, extra screws can be purchased HERE


Are you sick and tired of speed training aids not increasing your distance. Or are you tired of your speed training tool speed gains not translating and carrying over into your driver? Well we were too, which is why we created the Speed Toad!

The Speed Toad is a patent pending trainer, perfect for all ages and levels of golfers that want to lower scores while increasing distance. Don't let your nervous system hold you back anymore! Designed to improve your specific driver shaft and swing, watch the YouTube Video below to learn more how it works.

Most driver heads weigh in the 195 gram range. The Speed Toad weighs 140 grams which through years of testing, we have found to be the optimal weight difference to allow your body and central nervous system to operate faster than it does with your normal driver. This retrains your body to move faster, and better sequences your swing to translate to lower scores and longer drives on the course.

We have put together a comprehensive training plan, individual to all levels of golfers, that is included in your purchase of the tool.

Endorsed and used by the fastest golfers in the world!