About Us

sam-bryce.jpgLike most products, the Speed Toad was created out of necessity. We were training early on for the 2023 World Long Drive season and realized as we used various speed training tools on the market, that our speed gains with those tools weren't translating to our driver while we were hitting golf balls. After months of research trying to figure out why this was happening, we learned that it was due to the shafts of those speed training aids, not matching the same characteristics of the shaft we use to play golf or compete in the WLD with. Every shaft is so unique in when and how it flexes, it requires the timing of your swing to match the timing that your shaft requires. This is what lead to the first prototype (and the current product on this website) of the Speed Toad! After months of testing various sizes, weights, and materials, we learned that 140 grams was the optimal weight to underweight/overspeed train our nervous system to move fast, while also allowing our shaft to behave as if it was swinging your actual driver club head... And the Speed Toad was born!

We have been very excited to bring the Speed Toad to market to help golfers across the world gain distance and lower their scores. It is a training device that has been sorely missed in the golf world, but we're glad to be able to make it available to all golfers and produce it right here in the United States!